Life can be a rollercoaster ridefull of surprises and shocks, and you experience various ups and downs. Unfortunate events such as a diagnosis of a terminal illness, when the treatments stop producing any improvement and the symptoms intensify over time, can be heartbreaking. The patient and their loved ones start realizing that there is not much time left, and they prioritize comfort over treatment. Therefore, they resort to hospice or comfort care to improve the patient’s quality of life for the remaining time.

Below, we have discussed comfort care and listed the top five ways it can benefit your loved one!

What is comfort care?

Comfort care can hold a different meaning for someone diagnosed with a terminal illness. For instance, they may stop undergoing the treatment due to its potential side effects, or they may want to be in the presence of their loved ones as they try to deal with the fact that the end of life is approaching them. For most people, comfort care means being surrounded by comfort and love.

How can comfort care benefit your loved one?

Comfort care can benefit your loved one in the following ways:

  1. It gives great value to their final days or weeks: It is challenging to decide to transition your loved one to comfort care. In fact, the patient may also resist this decision. However, you should know that when a person resorts to comfort or hospice care, their quality of life improves, and it makes their final days or weeks of greater value. However, that does not mean they are ‘giving in’ or ‘giving up.’
  2. They can be in the presence of their loved ones: Nothing can offer you more comfort than the warmth of the people who love you and care for you. This is what comfort care is about- being in the presence of your friends and family and surrounded by their love and comfort.
  3. They transition to a mind, body, and soul care approach: As mentioned above, comfort care may hold a different meaning to your loved one who is fighting a terminal illness. For instance, it may be just about moving out of the hospital to their home, where they can live with a new mind, body, and soul approach to the treatment.
  4. Reduces time spent in hospital: Comfort care refers to moving out of the hospital and receiving hospice care at your home. You must know that it is extremely beneficial to choose the best hospice care in Michigan for your loved one as it involves a compassionate and dedicated team looking after them. 

About Cardinal Hospice

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