Many families and individuals can greatly benefit from hospice care, however, many are also unaware of how to arrange the same. While some are afraid to discuss it, others wait for their doctor to suggest it. Some do not know that they can start with hospice care on their own as long as sufficient efforts are put in. Later, they regret it and wish they had known about it earlier. 

Hospice care refers to a care program that aims to minimize dying people’s and their family members’ suffering. Please note that it does not affect life expectancy but improves the quality of life the patient has left. 

If you think you or your loved one may need hospice care, this blog is for you! 

Below, we have talked about how to arrange the top-rated hospice care in Michigan.

1. Start the conversation: Discuss the hospice care program with your loved one. Once they agree to it and fully understand it, talk to a medical professional and healthcare provider to determine your loved one’s eligibility for the program.

Usually, you should consider hospice when your loved one has a serious terminal illness or if they discontinue the treatment. In the case of Alzheimer’s disease, it is ideal to look for a top-rated hospice care at the last stage of the disease. 

2. Get recommendations: If the healthcare provider confirms your eligibility for hospice care, ask them to share some recommendations for hospice care. You can also ask your friends and family members to share their opinion about local hospice providers. 

You can also meet hospice program providers directly and determine if they are right for you. 

3. Visit and assess providers: Visit the hospice centers you are considering. They will send their clinicians to your home or hospital to clinically assess your loved one and answer all your questions. You can ask your physician to set up a meeting with the hospice center representative. 

4. Proceed with admission: Once you have visited all the shortlisted hospice facilities, it is time to choose the one that convinced you the most. After making this decision, you need to proceed with the admission of your loved one into hospice care. 

Remember, you can carry out all the formalities only if you are legally authorized to act on your loved one’s behalf and take decisions associated with them. 

5. Receive services: Hospice care and services will start immediately after the patient’s consent form and other documents are signed and submitted. During this period, they will ask if you need any specific medical equipment and make all the necessary arrangements, such as oxygen, a hospital bed, and other supplies. 

Please note that the hospice team will curate a comprehensive care plan before the treatment starts. They will also discuss the responsibilities, dietary concerns, etc. with you before starting the care.

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