ER or Palliative Care? Weighing Your Options

If you or a loved one are suffering from serious, chronic illness, you’re likely no stranger to the emergency room. When someone’s body is already engaged in the fight of their life, any comorbidity seems like an urgent reason to head to the emergency room. However, the emergency room can present its own set of [...]

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When to Make the Shift from Chronic to End of Life Care

Determining when your loved one should transition from chronic care to end of life care can be one of the most challenging things you will ever undertake. Though there is no specific point in a medical diagnosis where end of life care technically begins, the decision must be made on an individual patient's case--based on [...]

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Cardinal Hospice COVID-19 Response

We at Cardinal Hospice pride ourselves on offering outstanding end-of-life care. As such, our priority is protecting our patients and our team members from exposure to COVID-19. With the firm understanding that our population is high-risk for coronavirus transmission, we have implemented a number of safeguards to maximize patient and provider health: We are following [...]

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Hospice vs. Comfort Care

Hospice care and comfort care are similar options for end of life care. Even though the two are set up to offer comfort to the patients, their programs differ significantly regarding payment, timing, location, and eligibility for services. So, let’s look at the differences between the two. Care Location Hospice programs surpass comfort care programs. [...]

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How to Avoid Hospice Care Nightmares

If you have a loved one that will soon require end-of-life care, you might be looking into all of the options that exist to provide them with the best level of care. You also might be hearing some horror stories about hospice and the various issues that can arise within a hospice facility. This is [...]

How to Talk to Aging Parents About In-Home Palliative Care

Every year, approximately 1.4 million people receive palliative care. Of this group, about 66 percent received care where they lived rather than at a separate facility. Are your parents dealing with chronic illnesses? Do they seem to be in denial about the severity of their condition or the amount of assistance they need? If this [...]

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6 Signs You May Want To Consider Hospice Care For Your Loved One

As one draws nearer to their final years and months, it is natural to prioritize quality of life, spending their last months in peace and comfort, being with family and enjoying personal hobbies. Has your loved one reached this point? If so, you might want to consider hospice care. Hospice care places a focus on [...]

What Does Respite Care Mean? Everything You Need to Know About Respite Care

What if you could better take care of yourself while still taking care of a loved one? Many who provide long-term care for a loved one have trouble practicing self-care. After all, it's difficult to take time for yourself without worrying about what will happen to the other person. Respite care may be the solution [...]

Home Hospice: Why Routine Home Care Makes Such a Difference

In 2015, nearly 1.5 million people received hospice care in America, and those numbers are predicted to keep rising over the years. Nearly 100% of hospice patients received home hospice. So why is home hospice such an appealing option? It helps that the expenses of home hospice care are covered by Medicare under certain conditions. [...]

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Can My Loved One Receive Hospice Care at Home? What You Need to Know

Home sweet home. It's familiar, comfortable, and full of so many happy memories. That comfortable familiarity is often the reason so many people choose hospice care. According to this research, 80% of Americans would prefer to die at home instead of a hospital. A cold, sterile, and unfamiliar environment can leave your loved one unhappy [...]

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