6 Surprising FAQ About Palliative Care You Should Know

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If you are considering palliative care options for a loved one, or even for yourself, you may find the wealth of information out there overwhelming. We get it! That's why this month, we've compiled a list of the most FAQ about palliative care. Reading these should provide you with some confidence about the options available to you, or at least provide a strong jumping-off point for your continued research. Palliative Care: FAQs for You and Your Loved Ones #1 FAQ About Palliative Care: Is palliative care the same as curative care? No! Palliative care differs from curative care in that the former deals with diagnosing, treating, and preventing symptoms associated with serious, or life-threatening, illnesses. The goal of curative care is to create complete relief from the symptoms. Palliative management, on the other hand, includes the comfort and pain management for seriously ill or terminally ill patients. Palliative care also includes psychological counseling and support for the patient and their loved ones as they go through the process of managing a chronic illness. While curative care deals with providing cures to serious illnesses, palliative care deals more with comfort and pain management. An example of curative care might be chemotherapy for patients with cancer. However, in this instance, curative care and palliative care would go together Read More