Why Home Hospice Care Makes Such a Difference?

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In 2015, nearly 1.5 million people received hospice care in America, and those numbers are predicted to keep rising over the years. Nearly 100% of hospice patients received home hospice. So why is home hospice such an appealing option? It helps that the expenses of home hospice care are covered by Medicare under certain conditions. Once your loved one is no longer in need of curative help and needs end-of-life care, home hospice is an option that won't pose a financial burden. However, the appeal of home hospice relates to far more than the cost (or lack thereof). Read on to find out why home hospice, or routine home care, can make such a big difference for your loved one. The Solace of a Familiar Place For many elderly patients in need of hospice care, cognitive abilities are a concern. For those with memory-affecting conditions like dementia, major changes can create stress and even fear. Even without cognitive or memory disorders, relocation to an unfamiliar place at the end of one's life can cause undue stress. If possible, it's ideal to allow your loved one to stay in a familiar place at the end of their life. Home hospice care makes this possible, and don't be fooled by the name! While your loved one can receive Read More