Are you finding yourself searching for “hospice near me?” If you do, this article is especially for you! Here, we will discuss everything about hospice care along with some details about the best hospice Saginaw has. So, make sure you read until the end!

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Hospice is basically a healthcare offering that aims at providing a better quality of life and comfort for the people suffering from a critical and life-limiting health condition. Hospice provides the best possible care and compassion to the people who are in the final stages of some incurable disease. It focuses on providing a fully comfortable and happy environment for the patients so that they can spend their time in a better and less stressful way.

Because a majority of the patients in hospice are in the last stages of incurable diseases, they usually die a peaceful death. Such care affirms life but does not necessarily postpone death. The basic philosophy is to treat the person compassionately so that he can live his last days with dignity and quality.

Also, the hospice care center is family-centered, which means family members take a full part in making necessary decisions for the patient. Additionally, hospice care affords them the time to spend enjoying their loved one, rather than acting as interim caregivers.

What is the Right Time For Starting Hospice Care?

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As you may have already understood by now, hospice care is to be started when a serious illness gets to a point when it can not be cured and controlled by any medical means. In simple words, when a person reaches his final stage of life after fighting from a disease such as last stage cancer, then hospice may be started.

Hospice care should be started when the patient is expected to live a few months, say four to six months. Family members along with the patient’s medical team can make the decision for starting hospice care.

Most of the time, the family members don’t start the hospice care soon enough even after knowing that the patient can not be treated. This is because they think that they are giving up on their loved ones. While it is indeed an emotional episode, you have to understand and prioritize the comfort and dignity of the patient. Although you can not extend their life, you can make their last days happy, peaceful, and comfortable. So, start hospice care as soon as possible. If the doctor has announced that the person is going to live only for six months or less, it’s time to start searching for a “hospice near me”.

Benefits of Hospice

#1. Hospice Offers a Peaceful And Positive Environment

A hospice facility provides a familiar and peaceful environment for the patient. They can spend their last days in a peaceful, calm, and positive manner. It is unlike the stressful and mostly negative environment of the hospital. And because it is family-centered care, the patient is surrounded by their loved ones, their doctor, and a team of professionals who try their best to ease the sufferings. In simple words, it provides a home-like environment but with more comfort and calmness.

#2. Hospice Provides Personalized Care Plan

A hospice care facility offers 24×7 care and support to the patient and the family. It basically focuses on easing the anxiety and stress of both the patient and his loved ones. The professionals take care of each and everything about the patient so that the family members can get some rest between their visits.

#3. Hospice Provides a Sense of Dignity To The Patient

The biggest plus point of a hospice facility is, it provides a chance for the patients to die a peaceful death with dignity. This is possible because they are not subjected to the loud machines and stress of the hospitals, or the prodding of various medical teams.

#4. Hospice Takes Care Of Patient’s Last Wishes

This is the most important hospice philosophy. The wishes of the patient are fulfilled by the collaboration of his family and the professional team. They will make sure they get to eat their favorite food, wear their favorite outfits, and more. It doesn’t restrict the patient from doing anything.

#5. It Financially Helps The Family

Let’s face it, hospital bills can be a bit overwhelming to some families. But a hospice facility lessens the financial burden because it is much cheaper than the hospitals. Further, you can also take help from private insurances, Medicaid, etc.

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